Lighting a fire in rural taranaki?

You may need a permit.

Select your local district and find out if it's alright to light!

New Plymouth district
You don't need a permit to light a fire
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Stratford district
You don't need a permit to light a fire
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South Taranaki District
You don't need a permit to light a fire
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Information current at 26 06 2017

Get a permit

If you live in a restricted fire region then you will need to apply for a fire permit. Fill out the form below to apply for a fire permit.

Please note, submitting this form does not give you permission to light a fire. The permit must be issued and in your possession before you start the fire.

Please allow up to five working days for your permit to be issued.

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Please note you are able to upload multiple files, but no one file should exceed 5mb. Acceptable file formats include JPG, Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF.

I acknowledge that I have read the conditions for my region as stated above, and agree to all conditions.

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This permit is issued under Section 23 of the Forest and Rural Fires Act 1977. You may light a fire in the open air at the location described above, subject to compliance with the following conditions.


  • A You must not light a fire if a strong wind is blowing or if the conditions are such that the fire is likely to spread beyond the limits of the land or other property for which this permit is issued:
  • B This permit is suspended if there is a prohibition or order under Section 20 or Section 21 of the Forest and Rural Fire Act 1977 against the lighting of fire in the open air at the location described in paragraph 7:
  • C Immediately before lighting a fire you must make reasonable efforts to confirm that no prohibition or order is currently in force.

Safe fire advice

recreational fire

Many of us enjoy recreation in New Zealand’s forest and rural areas – from camping and tramping to four wheel driving. Our activities can increase the risk of fire in a rural area. Find out about your responsibilities for preventing fire.

forest management

Protecting your exotic or indigenous forest from the risk of fire is important so you realise the full value of your trees or the site. Learn about how you can prevent and deal with fires for small forests.

rural business

To protect your farm or rural business from the risk of fire, you can include fire safety as part of your business plan. Find out how to assess the risk of fire to your business and prioritise what you can do to make improvements.

Your fire district

new plymouth

The New Plymouth District begins in the north encompassing the township of Tongapurutu and extends south to the township of Okato. Lepperton, Egmont Village and Inglewood make up the eastern boundary of the district.


The Stratford District takes in about one quarter of the Taranaki Region, and includes four major geological features: the Taranaki volcanic cone, its associated ring plain, the Patea River catchment, and the eastern hill country.

south taranaki

The South Taranaki District is the southern most district in Taranaki and contains the towns of Hawera, Manaia, Opunake, Patea, Eltham, and Waverley. Its northermost boundary is with Okato in the north and Whanganui in the south.

Issued permits

Explore the map to see fire permits issued in Taranaki

If you need further advice or help with your permit please make contact with us on the numbers below. In an emergency please call 111.
0800 65 2 54448
0800 OK 2 LIGHT
Principal rural fire officer / General manager
Nigel Dravitzki
postal address
PO Box 7104, Fitzroy,
New Plymouth, 4312